The Conner Sisters

Ashley Cohen Conner and Sydney Conner, known as The Conner Sisters, are from Phoenix, Arizona and have been dancing for 13 years, focusing on swing for the past three years. They have traveled to Los Angeles, Albuquerque, San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Tuscon, Austin, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, Denver, Washington DC, and their hometown to attend, compete, and teach at various swing dance events. Both utilize their jazz and ballet training in their Lindy Hop and love to incorporate various switch-leads in their routines. The Conner Sisters have placed first at the California Swing Dance Championships (CSDC) in 2016 and 2017 and placed third at the International Lindy Hop Championships (ILHC) in 2017. Back home, Ashley and Sydney have run numerous events, including Third Thursday, Sweet Soul Sunday, and most recently, Hump Day Swing, and have worked with the Swingettes and AYT‘s Swing Kids.


Meet the Sisters

Believe it or not, we are two separate people, not just sisters!


Ashley Cohen Conner

Ashley can be spotted on the dance floor either swinging out or in a jazz split . She specializes in Lindy Hop, but has a growing interest in the world of Carolina Shag. Ashley is fascinated by figures from swing’s origin and revival, appreciating their spontaneity and creativity. Even though some attempts may fail, Ashley is always trying to create new material within her dancing.  She has placed 1st first at the California Swing Dance Championship twice, has finaled and won numerous Kats Korner J&Js, the “Any Shag Goes” contest at BadAZ Balboa, the “Pure Bal” contest at BadAZ Balboa, and the Strictly Shag at the Shag & Drag Festival. She has even placed first (as a lead!) at the Winter Swing Ball in Las Vegas! Overall, Ashley loves swing dancing because it is fun, exciting, and diverse!


Sydney Conner

Sydney Conner has always loved dancing in the spotlight and working with her sister, Ashley Cohen Conner. She began her dancing career primarily studying ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, break dancing, modern, clogging, jazz, and musical theater. After 10 years of working exclusively with these genres, Sydney found her new love, swing dancing! Since then, she has traveled across the country dancing, learned from world class instructors, and produced several routines with her sister, Ashley. She has placed in six Kats Korner Jack and Jills, 1st place at Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout (2019), 1st place at Great Lakes Balboa Escape (2019), 1st place at Solo Jazz Competition at the Arizona Swing Dance Championships (2017, 2019), and is the reigning national Amateur Classic champion at the California Balboa Classic (2020)! Sydney enjoys the ability to both lead and follow in Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Charleston. It is near impossible to find Sydney acting serious, even in competitions! Keep an eye on her facial expressions, Sydney loves to make a performance out of everything!

Photos: Claire Losey